Hi, China-Cart.com,

YAY I just got the boots, they fit perfectly! Thank you!

I can't wait till I order from you again!




Hi, we received our lion in perfect condition. That was very quick. The lion is very cute.
I introduced her tonight to our dance team and everybody just loved her. The frame is very solid and incredibly light weight.
We were impressed that the frame was constructed in the same manner as our 20 year old lion. We thought we could not get them that
well made anymore. The pants are the perfect size. Plenty of room for all the deep stances and tricks. You did exceptionally well
customizing them. I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely recommend you. Our lion is perfect in every way and I can
assure you she will be loved.

Hope to do some more business with you.



Just to let you know I took delivery of my lion head and drum.I am very pleased with the lion head and the customising you have done for me.


Hi Sunny,

Thank you for your answers!

I am very happy to say that I got the pendant that I ordered over a week ago and i LOVE the two calendars that came with it,
it's brilliant :) thank you so much!

The pendant looks SOOOOO great, I love it!


I hope you are well. We are having unusual sunshine and heat in England at the moment. The lion costume went down extremely well with
the customers. They are an education authority and they lend out items to help school children to celebrate diversity. They
have asked if it is possible to make a copy of the CD's to keep at the resource centre in case the original is damaged. I said I would ask you.

Many thanks and best wishes

The Equality and Diversity Shop Ltd

Dear All,

I would like to thank you for the very beautiful Lion that you send us, it's arrived today and we're very happy for that.
Many thanks,

best regards,


Hi, I want to thank you because the lion is beautiful, we have used on several occasions and has caused a lot of printing.
thanks for everything and to check my next purchase, i always be in contact with you.


Hi thanks again for the fast reply, it has arrived, thanks again for the excellent service, talk to you again soon for our third lion.
Gung Hey Fut Choi


Hi, I want to thank you for the beautiful costume. As I am a Theatrical Costumier it will look lovely on stage. The quality is excellant.

Dear All,Today i received the light green color lion. I have many lions, but the ones that CHINA-CART send to me are
the most beautiful. Thank you very much. I will have pleasure to do business more with your company in the future!

thank you,


Head Lion Instructor Hoy Sun Ning Young Association

Thank you for your mail, i just received the 2nd dargon, again its really nice. I have received the leading ball
in this parcel, please note i was checking the 1st parcel and I found the leading ball in that, my sincere apologies for the inconveneince.

Best wishes,








How to Play Lion Dancing Chinese China Playing
How to Play Dragon Dance Chinese Playing Dragon Dancing
Chinese lion dance China dragon dance costumes equitments


Dragon dance and lion dance Costume
Lion dance dragon dance

lion dance dragon dance

and Chinese Costume Costumes

Lion dance dragon dance
Prosperous symbol. "Green" with the lettuce. The lettuce and leasing (red packets) hanging up, lion dance in "Green" several times before the dance, performance hesitated, then jumped up, the greens a "take", then lettuce "chew spit" again We pay tribute. In order to increase the entertainment, greens and sometimes spend stunts, such as the shoulder (lion dance dragon dance lion dance head who stood on the shoulders of those who end), pyramid, on the pole (climbing bamboo poles), or over plum Chun (After a long Muchun uneven) and so on. "Suixi lion dance dragon dance festival" held on a 2005; no later held. In 2004 the first "Suixi lion dance dragon dance festival" in the Nov. 26 opening. Day, the culture in the town square and main street, at the wonderful performances and the "lion dance dragon Township Night" art show, November 27-December 8, around the lion dance dragon dance team took turns performing at large skills. In addition, organized with the lion dance dragon dance the calligraphy exhibition.

Dance will be accompanied by the Southern lion dance big gongs, drums, large cymbals. lion dance the dance move to the rhythm with the music. Traditionally, the Southern lion dance in dance and sometimes a man posing as a "big mess" and holding a spade to lead.
lion dance dragon dance will be held before the usual "dotted the eyes" ceremony. Ceremony conducted by the officiating guests, the cinnabar eyes painted lion dance, the symbol for life. Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province Suixi Zhanjiang Suixi world famous lion dance dragon dance Suixi county government decided in 2005, each were held on December 8, "Suixi lion dance dragon dance festival." Suixi civil lion dance dragon dance activities has a long history back to ancient times. In recent years, the local government to follow, "active protection, rational exploitation and effective use, encouraging competition," the principle of "both modern and traditional, to promote comprehensive development of cultural undertakings," the idea of active development of civil art of lion dance dragon dance, lion dance dragon dance has expanded steadily, civil lion dance dragon dance team has been 255, of which high pile lion dance28 months, to lion dance227 months, performers than people.

Southern lion dance competition

Southern lion dance competition categories can be divided into high piles lion dance and traditional lion dance Arts Competition Arts Competition, which is higher than the mainstream arts Chun lion dance competitions. Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Macau and the United States to organize an annual world lion dance dragon dance contest. The more famous a biennial international competition held in Malaysia in Genting lion dance world, King Competition. lion dance dragon dance-China Township.

Lion dance dragon dance is a set of martial arts, dance dance club and music in the integrated arts. Suixi the lion dance dragon dance team, there are men, women lion dance dragon dance team; single lion dance, lion dance and other high pile double, forming a unique artistic style lion dance dragon dance, lion dance dragon dance and more support award-winning team in the national competition, in which the text car lion dance dragon dance team went to Paris to participate in "Sino-French Culture Year" performances, in December 2003 by the Chinese Folk Literature and Art Suixi Association named as "China lion dance dragon dance township. " Suixi lion dance dragon dance is the southern lion dance, enjoy the good reputation of the hometown, has visited many countries on behalf of China. And served as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony lion dance dragon dance performances Special guests.

South Division dynamic modeling a lot of dance, there is: from the situation, normal, rose up, the suspect into, scratching, Ying Bao, salute, surprise jump, look, sleep, out of its hole, angry, over mountains, on the balcony and so on; dance by through different stances, with the lion dance head movements to a variety of abstract shapes shown. So pay attention to the Southern lion dance is intended and bore a striking resemblance. Southern lion dance with the hole, up the mountain, park ranger will be lion dance, greens, the hole so the performers, among them "greens" is the most common. According to legend, "greens" are in fact "anti-Fuming," meaning that the average is used in its first meaning, there is "live". Reviews China-Cart